History and Culture

Welcome to History and Culture

This Major area of study is built around Jewish History-in a nutshell, Jewish New York, Jews Around the World and Jewish Leaders. We are adding classes every week and are in active development. For now, we invite you to enjoy the lessons below in bold lettering. 

Jewish History


Knowing about the past is one of the most important topics in developing a student’s cultural identity. In our Jewish History (In a Nutshell) lessons, we will cover segments of the major episodes in Jewish history from biblical times to the 21st Century. Students will gain a sense of geography, population shifts, and popular figures in Jewish History


50 – Biblical History 1 – Ancient Places & People
51 – Biblical History 2 – Kings and Temples
52 – The Pharisees, Bar Kochba & the Diaspora
53 – Sephardic Jews in the Middle Ages in Egypt & Spain
54 – Jews, Muslims & Christians together in the Middle Ages
55 – Ashkenazi Jews in the Innervelt – 1700-1800’s
56 – Stories from the Tanakh – Unit 1 
57 – Stories from the Tanakh – Unit 2 
58 – Stories from the Tanakh – Unit 3 

200 – Introduction to The Shoah (grade 6 and older)

Jewish New York


There are so many amazing places around the world that Jews live. New York City is one of those places. This series of lessons will focus on the evolution of the Jewish population



60 – First Jews in New York
61 – Ellis Island – Coming to America
62 – Lower East Side Jews (1800’s)
63 – Tenement Synagogues
65 – Bagels, Pickles, and Deli Meats: Jewish Foods of New York
66 – New York Jewish Culture Makers

Jews Around the World


Take a trip around the world with Tamid Online and find out where there are Jews on every continent! (THIS SECTION IS IN DEVELOPMENT)




70 – Jews in Asia: China, Japan, India, and Russia
71 – Jews in Africa: South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia
72 – Jews in Oceana: Australia, New Zeland and Tasmania
73 – Jews in Europe Part I: Western Europe
74 – Jews in Europe Part II: Eastern Europe
75 – Jews in South and Central America: Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil
76 – Jews in North America: Mexico, United States of America, Canada
77 – Jews in Israel

Jewish Leaders

Ben Gurion & Gold Meir

Jewish leadership has evolved over time. Since the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, there has been no single body that has a leadership position over the entire Jewish people, but there have been many great minds and organizations who have come together to help Jewish communities continue to thrive.



80 – Jewish Leadership: Courage, Determination & Activism
81 – Abraham, Sarah and Joseph: Biblical Leaders
82 – Deborah and Joshua: Leading Voices from the Biblical Prophets
83 – Hertzl, Ben Gurion, Golda Meir: Zionist Leaders
84 – UJA, WZO, JNF, JDC: Modern Jewish Leadership Organizations
85 – 21st Century Jewish Leadership: Rabbi, Cantor, & Jewish Educator