#81 Abraham, Sarah & Isaac: Biblical Leaders

#81 Abraham, Sarah & Joseph: Biblical Leaders

In this lesson you will continue your study of leadership from a Jewish perspective and explore the leadership qualities of three biblical leaders: Abraham, Sarah, and Jospeh. Abraham and Sarah were the first Jews and Joseph was one of their great-grandsons.




#1 KNOW THIS:  Useful Vocabulary

“Manhigut” is the Hebrew word for Leadership.


#2. MEET Abraham: The First Jew

Abraham was the first Jewish person. His parents were not Jewish and Abraham was not born a Jewish person. Rather, when he was a young adult, he was called by God to become the first Jew. He was promised that he would be the Father of a Great Nation. The nation of Israel that would be as large as the stars in the sky. Being the first at something and helping to start something new is a sign of leadership


#3. WATCH this tale of Abraham


#4 MEET SARAH: The First Jewish Woman

Saran was very committed to building a Jewish family and co-leading the People of Israel. Sarah is considered the Mother (The Matriarch) of the Jewish People and her greatest leadership quality was caring for others.

_____________________________________________________________________ #5: Meet Joseph: A Leader in Egypt

Joseph did not start out a leader. He was in prison in his early life but then grew to become a very influential person in Egypt. His leadership strength was his unique ability to do something that few people could. Sometimes leaders have a special gift and they use this gift to help people. Joseph’s gift was a dream interpreter. He could interpret people’s dreams and he did this regularly to help people. He interpreted many of the Pharoah’s dreams and this skill gave Joseph a lot of positive recognition and eventually he left prison and became a highly valued member in the Kingdom. Sometimes, leadership comes from living out your unique gift.



  1. What was Abraham’s great leadership quality?
  2. What was Sarah’s great leadership quality?
  3. What was Joseph’s great leadership quality?
  4. In your opinion, why do you think these people were chosen to be biblical leaders?
  5. What do you think is the most important biblical leadership quality?

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