Music + Prayer

Jewish Music and Prayer

Jewish melodies that transcend the years connect the Jewish soul from generation to generation. We offer you these recordings as a way into Jewish prayer for any setting. Bring your media device to the Shabbat table and sing-a-long, listen on the go, or for student practice.  On the bottom of this page, you can find a source for the texts of these prayers and order the CD version. We’re grateful to Avi Fox-Rosen for producing these songs and we invite you to share them with friends and family.

Shabbat Table Blessings
The traditional Friday eve prayers for candles, wine, and challah
(Download Shabbat Prayer Sheet)

Talis Prayer

1 Candles

2 Kiddush

3 Motzi

Shabbat Prayers
Classic melodies to the most familiar prayers in Jewish worship

4 Aliyah prayer before the Torah (Download Aliyah Text)

5 Aliyah prayer after the Torah

6 Shema + V’Havtah (Download Shema Text + Download V’havtah Text)

7 Amida: Avot + Gevurot (Download Amida: Avot + Gevurot Text)

8 Aleinu (Download Aleinu Part 1 Text & Aleinu Part 2 Text)

9 Kaddish Yatom (Download Kaddish Yatom Text)

10 Blessing before the Haftarah (Download Blessings Before & After Haftarah Text)

11 Blessing after the Haftarah

12 V’shamru (Download V’shamru Text)

13 Ma Tovu (Download Ma Tovu Text)

14 Havdalah (Download Havdalah Text)

15 Shavua Tov (Download Shavua Tov)

Jewish Favorites
Well known songs, prayers, and melodies for every Jewish home

16 Oseh Shalom (Download Oseh Shalom Text)

17 Shalom Aleichem (Download Shalom Aleichem Text)

18 Mah Nishtanah – Download the Text

19 Hiney Mah Tov (Download Hiney Mah Tov Text)

20 Adon Olam (Download Adon Olam Text)

21 HaTikva (Download HaTikva Text)

22 Birkat HaMazon (Download Birkat HaMazon Text)

23 Hanukkah Candle Blessing (Download Hanukkah Blessings Text)

The Prayer Sources
All of the above prayers with transliteration and translation can be found in the new Reform prayerbook, Mishkan Tefilah.

If you want us to send you a CD with the above collection, send us an email with your mailing address to our office line –

Thank you and enjoy!