Tamid Online

Welcome to Tamid Online

TAMID ONLINE is an E-learning Judaica curriculum that blends on-site school with at-home learning OR can be used exclusively as an at-home On-Demand Hebrew School option. It’s our way to share the unique approach we’ve developed in our classes in Lower Manhattan with those looking for a Jewish education at home.

Tamid Online is accessible anytime, day or night from any internet connection. The self-paced program works well for accelerated and special learners as students can work at their own pace. Students love the videos, web resources, white board animation and parents can learn along with their children. Tamid Online is in development and we are building new lessons every week.


If you live in New York City, join one of our Tamid classes that meet in Lower Manhattan using the same curriculum in our interactive group settings. Or, experience it at home. Whatever your preference, at home or at Tamid, enjoy!

What students learn with TAMID ONLINE
Tamid ONLINE is a Hebrew-school-in-a-box. It offers 10 subject areas and a robust set of lessons that take approximately 20-25 minutes each to complete. Each lesson includes videos or whiteboard animation sequences followed by questions which the student can respond to in writing or audio. Students with the desire, can also learn to read Hebrew and some basic Hebrew conversation. The ten learning areas include:

  1. Jewish Holidays
  2. Jewish History
  3. Jewish Culture
  4. Shabbat
  5. Torah and Weekly Torah Portions
  6. Jewish Prayer
  7. Jewish Values
  8. Jewish Life-Cycle ceremonies
  9. Israel
  10. Living a life as a Jew

Video Content Providers: Thank you!
We source our videos from great already existing digital content. We want to thank and appreciate the hard work of our friends: The Maccabeats, God Cast, Mah Basak, 1-minute Parshah, The Fountainheads, and other creative content designers. Without your hard work, Tamid Online would not be possible.

Tamid Online Advisory Committee
David Behrman, Behrman House Publishers
Victoria Brown, BigThink.com
Rabbi Danielle Escow, MyBarMitzvahTutors.com
Jonathan Ezer, Kindea Labs

Rabbi Darren Levine, Tamid
Jamie Propp, Tribeca Tech Dad