Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Preparing young people for the world

Tamid’s B’nai Mitzvah curriculum was developed by Rabbi Darren Levine and includes classroom time, private tutorials, family sessions, and 1-1 with rabbis. Our goal is that by the time your child celebrates their big day, they will have formed a knowledge of Jewish thought, history, prayer, and Torah –  concepts to prepare the him/her for a life as a mensch – a good human being.

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Jewish Prayer
Students will learn the meaning and melodies of the major prayer rubrics of the Shabbat morning, Shabbat Evening, Havdalah, and the Shabbat Table blessings. Students will be expected to practice at home every other day for about 15-20 minutes during the six months before their celebration.

Jewish Ethics and Values
Students learn about Jewish ethics to help them navigate the world with an understanding of Jewish values. The ethics framework is based on the threefold relationship that a Jew has with self and society: Ben Adam l’Atzmo, Ben Adam l’Chavero, Ben Adam l’Makom – between person and self, between person and others, and between person and God.

Torah and Peoplehood
“Taking hold of Torah” by helping each student find a personal connection to Torah, Jewish wisdom, and Jewish thought is our goal. Individual and family experiences help the student to see themselves on the continuum of Jewish tradition both as a member of K’lal Yisrael (Jewish People) and their own family of origin.

Hebrew Curriculum
All students will study Hebrew in class and via the On-Line Learning Center at their individual pace. Students are divided into Hebrew learning sections based on a combination of proficiency The goals are for students to be able to read Hebrew and to have prayer vocabulary.

Mitzvah Project
At Tamid, we’re very proud that our students put a heavy dose of “mitzvah” into their b’nai mitzvah experience. During the year leading up to our students’ Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, our rabbis work with them and their families to engage in a mitzvah project that draws on their own interests among the thousands of organizations that seek support. Read more about the mitzvah project experience.

Where can one celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?
Celebrate your special day in a sanctuary in New York, an event space, hotel or restaurant, your home, indoors, outdoors, or Israel and abroad. We’ll help you arrange your ceremony in a personal way that is special and unique for your family.

Private Training
In some situations, an individual bar/bat mitzvah training/tutoring/learning plan can be created with the support of our rabbis and private tutors. Read more about our individualized training option.

Important Letters & Documents (click item)

1. Welcome Letter from Va’ad Chair
2. B’nai MItzvah Parent Guide and Handbook
3. Rabbi Darren’s 7 Steps to Write a Bar/Bat MItzvah Speech
4. Tamid B’nai Mitzvah “Living-Jewish” Checklist
5. Family Tree Projects Instructions
6. Prayerbook for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony
7. Student Led Introduction to Ceremony
8. B’nai Mitzvah Prayer Learning Schedule 2023-24 – Year 1 / Year 2
. Prayer link to audio files
10. Submit your personal ceremony information link

Torah Blessings at the Ceremony for Family Members

A. Torah blessings for before and after an aliyah  – Text PDF
B. Torah blessing Before the Reading – Audio File
C. Torah blessing After the Reading – Audio File

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