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Musical Highlight! “Tamid’s Famous Closing Song: Keyn Y’hi Ratzon”


October 6, 2017, Simchat Shabbat “Un-scrolling the New Torah”
Tamid unscrolls the New Torah on this Shabbat and celebrates the bat mitzvah’s this month of Isabel and Jade. Mazel tov!

Sept. 30, 2017, Yom Kippur, The Day of Return
Tamid observes Yom Kippur, the Sabbath of Sabbaths, the most sacred day of the Jewish Year and the Memorial Service of Yizkor.


Sept. 21, 2017, Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year
Tamid celebrates a new year, installs a brand new Torah Scroll, and Rabbi Darren speaks about “Giving the Most Ancient Book (Torah) a New Life in the 21st Century” along with reflections on his son’s bar mitzvah.


June 4, 2017, Friday Night Shabbat
Tamid’s Shabbat Gathering and the celebration of the final letter writing
ceremony of our New Torah and the conversion of Ms. Cheryl Whaley.
Mazel tov!