Tamid Online: Subject Areas

Tzedek Wall JPEGTAMID ONLINE is an E-learning Judaica curriculum that blends on-site school with at-home learning OR can be used exclusively as an at-home On-Demand Hebrew School option and is built around four major areas of study:

Holidays, Beliefs and Practices, History and Culture, Jewish Ethics & Values, Israel, Jewish Prayer, and Hebrew Language

Click on one of the Subject Areas of learning in order to access the lessons

 Holidays, Beliefs, and Practices

TO Belief and Practice Image

Jewish Holidays, Jewish Time, Shabbat, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, The Torah, Jewish Lifecycle Events & Jewish Thought



Click here for Lessons on Jewish Belief and Practice (10-45)

History and Culture

TO History ImageJewish History, Jewish New York, Jews Around the World & Jewish Leaders



Click here for Lessons on Jewish History and Culture (lessons 50-85)

Jewish Ethics and Values

TO Ethics and Values ImageJewish Values: The Mensch Series, Jewish Ethics and Philosophy & Mitzvot: Improving the World



Click here for lessons on Jewish Ethics (lessons 90-117)


TO Israel ImageHistory Pre-1948, History Post-1948 & Israel Today



Click here for lessons on Israel (lessons 120-144)

The Journey to Adulthood

Bar Mitzvah Picture SpreadThe essential lessons on becoming an adult in the Jewish community, growing up as a responsible teen, the history and practice of Bar and Bat Mitzvah



Click here for lessons on the Journey to Adulthood (lessons 150-179)

Jewish Music and Prayer

RH ChapelFriday night Shabbat at home prayers, Holiday blessings, Shabbat prayers for the synagogue, and Jewish favorites




Click here to learn Jewish Music and Prayer

Hebrew Language

jewish-geniza-alphabet-primerHebrew letters, vowels, biblical and prayerbook Hebrew, and Modern Hebrew conversation and dialogue




 Click here for Modern Hebrew: Conversation and Dialogue