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TO Ethics and Values ImageThe great tradition of Jewish values and wisdom dates back 3000 years and many of the lessons about how to be a human being and treat others with respect and kindness are as true today as they were yesterday. This section will teach you how to be a mensch (good person) and about middot (values) and mitzvot (good deeds). Thank you for striving for your best!

Guy Tallent III WinnerJewish Values & Ethics: The Mensch Series

Are you a mensch? Yes! Mensch is the yiddish word for “good person” and being a good person in the Jewish way is about making good decisions about how you act towards others and how you treat yourself. It’s about being thoughtful and helpful and choosing to be a supportive friend and empathetic person. These lessons are designed to help deepen your life as a mensch. Enjoy!

90 – What is a Mitzvah?
91 – What is a Middah?
92 – Being a Mensch to Yourself
93 – Be a Mensch to Your Family
94 – Be a Mensch to Your Friends
95 – Being the Best Mensch You Can Be

Sandwich Making for homeless #2Jewish Values & Ethics: Jewish Ethics & Virtures

Jewish virtuues and ethics focus on our behavior and how we treat people. The famous saying, “you should treat other people how you would wish to be treated in return” is the source of good moral behavior. Think about it!


#100 – Introduction to Jewish Ethics & Virtues
#101 – Hachnasat Orchim: Welcoming the Stranger and Hospitality
#102 – Emet: Being Truthful
#103 – Anavah: Humility
#104 – Shalom Bayit: Keeping Peace in the Home
#105 – Shmirat HaGuf: Caring for Your Body
#106 – Simcha: Joy & happiness
#107 – Tochecha: Rebuking in the Jewish Way

HABIT dog printJewish Values & Ethics: Mitzvot – Actions of Kindness

Treating people and the world with chesed (the Hebrew word for loving kindness) is the way of the Jewish person. Caring for others with compassion and understanding is a great way to be in the world. Acts of love and kindness come in many forms but the point is always to ask, “am I helping make the world a better place” in the way that I am acting?

#110 – Kibud Av’V’em: Honoring Your Parents
#111 – Tzedakah: Righteousness Through Charity
#112 – Bikur Cholim: Caring for the Sick
#113 – Tzar Ba’al HaChahim: Caring for Animals
#114 – Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof: Pursuing Righteousness
#115 – Hakarat Hatov: Gratitude
#116 – Likboah Mezuzah: Affixing the Mezuzah