Welcome to Israel

TO Israel ImageThis Major area of study is built around the land and people of Israel. Whether you are trying to learn more about the ancient Israelites or how Israel became a modern state, this is the place to do it. The main areas of focus are Israel’s History Pre and Post 1948 and Modern Day Israel. We are adding classes every week and are in active development. For now, we invite you to enjoy the lessons below in bold lettering.  

History Pre-1948


In these lessons you will learn about the biblical history of the land of Israel, how being exiled from their homeland did not stop the Jewish people from trying to return through the beginning of the 20th century.



120 – Biblical Times I (Ancestors – 1st Temple)
121 – Biblical Times II (Judges & Prophets)
122 – The Exilic Period
123 – 15th Century Palestine
124 – Pioneers & Early Zionism

History Post – 1948

Israeli flag at the wall

In these lessons you will learn about Israel’s struggle to become a recognized state and how the Jewish people finally had a land to call home.




130 – British Mandate
131 – Declaration of Independence
132 – Immigration and Jewish Settlers
133 – 1967 and 1973 Wars
134 – Israel/Egypt Peace Treaty 1978

Israel Today

Israel technology

In these lessons you will learn about modern day Israel. Development in technologies that have come out of Israel, the cultural gathering of many cultures and traditions both Jewish and non-Jewish within the state and the ways in which a desert land was helped to blossom are all areas you can discover in the following lessons.


140 – The People of Israel
141 – Modern Geography and Eretz Yisrael
142 – Ethnicity & Religions in Israel Today
143 – Israeli Technology
144 – The Modern Political Structure in Israel

A Complete and Comprehensive Curriculum Is In Formation

We’re actively rolling out a few lessons each week with the dream of being able to offer the following Curriculum. If you would like to support our development work or have ideas about how to make it successful, we’d welcome a conversation with you. Please be in touch with us, Thank you!