+ Thank you Trinity!

May 4, 2012 Reverend Dr. James Cooper Rector, Trinity Church 
74 Trinity Place 
New York, NY 10006 Dear Revered Cooper, Thanks to your support, the life of our synagogue has been more exciting these past few weeks that ever before. I wanted to personally thank you and the Trustees at Trinity for opening the doors

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+ A child’s blessing

“A Child’s Blessing on Shabbat” by Rabbi Darcie Crystal, Young Family Rabbi Perhaps my favorite moments of the week are the ones each Friday night when my husband and I place our hands on our children’s heads one by one and bless them. Our seven and five year-old son and daughter look forward to that moment,

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+Tamid In Newsday – 4/17/12

Fused By Their Faiths Published: April 16, 2012 9:17 PM By MARIA ALVAREZ. Special to Newsday Photo credit: Nancy Borowick | Rabbi Darren Levine of Tamid stands inside St. Paul’s Church on Broadway. (April 11, 2012) Two dads developed a relationship watching their sons play basketball at a neighborhood playground, never knowing they had a common link —

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+ Do You Remember Names?

Across the world tonight people will be reading names.  Six million names. Incredible that we choose to recall names as our mode of memory, when so many of us struggle with recalling names of people whom we’ve just met. Still, it makes sense.  Often, in fantasy, sharing your name shows a deep level of trust,

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