Praying for the victims in Vegas

Dear Friends,

Let us pray for the victims and families who are suffering today from the horror in Las Vegas. The world always seems out of balance when innocent lives are taken by the forces of madness. Pair this with the natural destruction and loss from the hurricanes earlier this month and we find ourselves in a state of natural confusion and instability.

On Yom Kippur, my message was “Having the Most Positive Impact in the Most Negative Times.” I told the story of the “King with the Cracked Diamond that became a Rose.” Even though the world seems cracked today, we must find the strength and determination to imagine and work towards a better world. This will be a positive contribution and will uphold our commitment to respond to the senseless loss of life that we’re living through today.

Sending strength, love, and prayer from New York to the Vegas victims, your friends, and your families. We stand with you, hand in hand, heart in heart.

Rabbi Darren Levine