+ New! Hebrew Audio Files


We’ve created a Hebrew Learning resource on our website that has audio files for your child to practice with at home before they do their progress “check-in” with one of our teachers.
In two weeks, all our beginning Hebrew students will have a check-in on lessons 1-7. Students that have completed all 20 lessons in the Alef Bet Quest will take the Final Hebrew Check-in. Bar/Bat Mitzvah students that have yet to complete the final check-in will take it onNov 25th.
The text and the audio files of these “check-ins” are on this new Hebrew Page on our site.
Students that have successfully completed the final check-in will receive their Hebrew Pin and move onto the next phase. We have four phases at Tamid which you can also read about – we call it the “learning progression.”
As a reminder, students should spend approximately 30 minutes per week doing home study. We believe that Hebrew language is an important part of developing a solid Jewish identity in young people. If there is anything we can do to help or support your family or child, please let me or one of the teachers know.