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Step 2. Join each meeting 5 minutes before the start of each session.

Step 3. Turn on your camera, turn off your microphone, and since we are in a public forum, we ask that everyone please adhere to the best online behaviors. Thank you!

L’Chayim Shabbat, 6 PM Fridays
Let’s bring our Tamid family together every Friday for 18 minutes of prayer, song, story, and fellowship. Set your table with candlesticks and a cup for kiddush wine as we welcome Shabbat together. Everyone welcome!

Hebrew School, teens, and b’nai mitzvah tutoring
Tamid Online is a great way to gather for Hebrew School with your teachers and friends. Sessions meet online once per week. Click here for the schedule of classes, to learn more, and to register in the Tamid School. Everyone is welcome!

Mystical Morality with Preston Neimeiser
Our Winter Learning Series explores what our sacred texts can teach us about living up to our best selves and the spiritual impact thereof. Drawing on the disciplines of Mussar and Hasidut – along with readings of the weekly Torah portion – we will develop our understanding of Judaism’s ethical through-lines in an effort to define and develop our own humanity. All are welcome. Wednesdays, January 20 to February 10, 2021, 8-9 PM. 

Shaboom!, Many Fridays at 9 AM
Are you ready to have some fun?!? Let’s get our youngest set and family together on Friday mornings at 9 AM for Shaboom with Chesney! Chesney will delight you with story, song, and a special project. You bring your kids, parents, and grandparents together and we’ll bring the Shaboom!

Pray at Home, Every Day!
Looking for some Tamid prayer inspiration at home? Access prayer from the chapel, a sampling of holiday sermons, and some of our favorite Jewish music. Click here for prayer livestream.

Be Inspired by Tamid’s music from Shabbat and holidays. The songs will lift your heart and soul. Download and listen to Neshimat Tamid: Eternal Soul on Itunes or Soundcloud. Click here for Neshimat Tamid. 

JTA Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Daily News!
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Thank you for joining us online! We look forward to seeing you!