Hebrew School Online – Spring 2020

Hey Classmates! Your teachers can’t wait to see you. We’re meeting on Zoom every week. Find your name and class session below and click the link to join the class or cut and paste the session ID into a new webpage. #TamidLovesYou.

Monday 3:30 PM
Group A: Lior M, Max M, Olivia G, Alec A, Mayer C, Joah M
Enter the class session at 3:25 PM on Monday
Group A click hereor ID: https://zoom.us/j/657454344
Password: 313835

Monday 4:15
Group B: Jasper E, Rhomi S, Daniel W, Orli L, Wolf W, Remi W, Claudia S
Group C: Jamie P, Max W, Eva R, Zoe B, Alec W, Bree R, Cate C, Anya S, Zoe W
Enter the class session at 4:10 PM on Monday
Group B click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/545052385
Password: 792442
Group C click hereor ID: https://zoom.us/j/255105664
Password: 729639

Tuesday 3:30
Group F: Aaron L, Brian L, Eli F, Gabriella F, Hudson C, Jack B, Oscar B, Sienna G
Group G: Beckett F, Bobbi W, Emily S, Isabella M, Dylan B, Gabriella L, Ari J
Enter the class session at 3:25 PM on Tuesday
Group F click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/502206180
Password: 946260
Group G click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/438834118
Password: 804601

Tuesday 4:30
Group H: Eli C, Hanna M, Izik Z, Jackson C, Stella M, Kian M, Alisa L, Lila D, Lucas K, Phoebe B, Tal K, Maya L, Matt T, James C
Enter the class session at 4:25 PM on Tuesday
Group H click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/76628727891
Password: 8jXAHv

Tuesday 6 PM
Group E: Hebrew High School students and friends
Enter the conversation at 5:55 PM on Tuesday
Group E click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/126626291
Password: 967231

Wednesday 3:30
Group J: Carter B, Indi S, Lila G, Jonathan L, Coco P
Group K: Ella S, Stevie Z, Tali W, Marley A, Jude M
Enter the class session at 3:25 PM on Wednesday
Group J click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/547265658
Password: 2xtk9k
Group K click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/287447280
Password: 280884

Wednesday 4:30
Group L: Adrian L, Elodie H, Ezra M, Lucy E, Benny B, Zack W, Filipa L, Jude L, Max H, Gwen K, Eli K, Sammy B, Nicole K, Lola T, Hawke B, Jared R
Enter the class session at 4:25 PM on Wednesday
Group L click here or ID: https://zoom.us/j/914618176
Password: 429175

Weekly Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring
1-1 sessions with Chesney, Dean, Christina, or Rabbi Darren will meet via Zoom with your tutor. Please read your e-mails to learn how to connect with your tutor.