First time at Tamid for the High Holidays?

Dear Friends,

We’re so happy to celebrate the New Year with you! If this is your first time joining Tamid for the high holidays, please read these 10 Tips as we do things a little bit differently than your average synagogue.

1. We do not have printed tickets. Your name will be on the list at check-in.
2. If you are a Tamid member, there’s nothing more to do, you and your immediate family are on the list.
3. Non-members are welcome! Please “reserve” a seat for the holidays and you’re name(s) will be on the list. Non-members over age 13 needs to make a seat reservation. 12 and under do not need a reservation.
4. Non-member guests of Tamid members (out of town family, grandparents, uncles, etc.) are considered non-members and need to have their own seat reservation.
5. There are no seat assignments. First come seating. Please arrive 20-30 minutes before services begin to arrange your seat. Services begin promptly.
6. If your child needs a break from sitting, please let them enjoy the fresh air in the garden and a snack, but please supervise your kids at all times, thanks.
7. Please do not bring food or drink into the chapel for health, allergy, and dietary issues.
8. Please leave bags, metals, and electronics at home to speed along the security check-in process.
9. The Chapel is ADA accessible.
10. We project all the prayers on a large screen in the front of the chapel. We do not use prayerbooks.

Now that you know the details, it’s time to celebrate a new year together. L’shana Tova, Happy New Year!

To make additional seat reservations OR to review the schedule of events and service times, please click this link.