Hebrew at Home

Shalom Students!

You’ll be able to find everything you need to study Hebrew at home on this page. If you ever need help, send us  an e-mail and we’ll get right back to you. school@tamidnyc.org

1. Login to your online Hebrew Learning Center and follow these steps for Alef Bet Quest or Kol Yisrael.

2. Are you getting ready to take a Hebrew Check-in with a teacher? Here are the materials you need to succeed:

GROUP ONE: Final Check-in for Alef Bet Quest
Download theFinal Check-Intext for practice.
Read along with the audio for practice:

Box 1, Final Check-in

Box 2, Final Check-in

GROUP TWO: Final Check-in for Kol Yisrael I
Download the “Kol Yisrael Final Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Final Check-in

Box 2, Final Check-in

Box 3, Final Check-in

GROUP THREE: Check in for Kol Yisrael II, Lessons 1-4.

Download the “Kol Yisrael II, Lessons 1-4 Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Kol Yisrael II

Box 2, Kol Yisrael II

Box 3, Kol Yisrael II

GROUP FOUR:  Check-in for Alef Bet Quest, Lessons 1-14
Download the “Alef Bet Quest, Lessons 1-14 Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Alef Bet Quest

Box 2, Alef Bet Quest

Box 3, Alef Bet Quest

GROUP FIVE: Shalom U’vracha Check-in, lessons 1-12
Download the “Shalom U’vracha Check-in, lessons 1-12 Check-In” text for practice.

Box 1, Shalom U’vracha

Box 2, Shalom U’vracha

GROUP 6: Alef Bet Quest Check-In for Lessons 1-7
Download the “Lesson 1-7 Check-in” text for practice.
Listen to each section and read along for practice:

Box 1, Lesson 1-7 Check-in

Box 2, Lesson 1-7 Check-in

Box 3, Lesson 1-7 Check-in

Box 4, Lesson 1-7 Check-in