Tamid Speakers Lab

At a time when our city and our country are calling each of us find more creative ways to build a better society and a better world, we offer the Tamid Speakers Lab. For schools, community centers, human service organizations, for students, teachers, and organizational leaders, we’re available to present on a wide variety of topics.

We can zoom into your meeting or your classroom and if needed, we’ll send you materials in advance. We’ll work with your group to customize a presentation and we are also happy to suggest one from our library of programs. Meet our presenters below.

Darren Levine

Darren Levine is the founding rabbi of Tamid and is the author of Positive Judaism: For a lifetime of well-being and happiness. He speaks to teens, college students, and adults about human flourishing  at home, at school, and at work. He is available to speak about values, history, holidays, and how to use a growth mindset to move yourself, your family, and your community from survive to thrive. Learn more about Darren.

Chesney Polis

Chesney Polis is a master early childhood educator and the creator of Chesney and Friends. Invite Chesney into your pre-school or elementary age setting for story and song, art and music, and fun. Need a fresh program for the next upcoming holiday, Chesney can light the menorah, teach about the shofar, and tell the Passover story through the foods on the seder plate. And so much more!

Sami Steigmann

Sami Steigmann brings his incredible message of hope and inspiration to people of all ages and backgrounds. Sami speaks all over the world to schools and groups about how to create kindness and hope no matter the circumstance. Sami may be a Holocaust survivor but his message is for anyone who is able to see the silver lining in life. He’s available to lecture, for Q&A, and to be a panelist at your event. Read more about Sami.

In past events, Tamid has spoken at schools about Jewish holidays and the value of community service. We’ve spoken at conferences to leadership teams about human flourishing and thriving in the work place. And Sami has brought his unique message of hope after the Holocaust to groups all over the world.

The Speakers Lab is free of charge. For more information or to book a speaker, please send an e-mail to ‘connect@tamidnyc.org’.