The Mensch Series #6: Be the best mensch you can be

Lesson: The Mensch Series #6: Be the best mensch you can be

SuperKid-660Being a Mensch (good person) is one of the most important aspects of being Jewish. In this concluding lesson in our series, you will reflect on all the ways we’ve studied in our first five lessons together so you can be the best mensch you can be. You’ll study:

  • The Mensch Domino Affect
  • What it means to be a super friend, mensch style
  • How to teach and model for others to be a mensch at home and at school

#1 WATCH this video about “paying it forward” 

#2 Re-count what just happened in the “paying it forward” video. 

1. What happened first?
2. What was the next good thing that happened?
3. What did that lead to?
4. And so on and so on?

Can you remember all the steps? What happened at the end?

#3 WATCH this video about “The Making of a Mensch” 
Ages 11-18

#4 DISCUSS this Jewish Teaching

Hebrew Text Image

Remember the Jewish Teaching: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? – Pirkey Avot. 

Question: How does this teaching relate to the basketball video you just watched?


#5 WATCH this video about “The Domino Effect” 


#6 Question: What does the domino affect have to do with the “mensch change reaction?”

domino affectKeep in mind all the values we have studied in the mensch series:

1. Be a mensch to your family when you learned about creating peace in your home (shalom bait)

2. Be a mensch to yourself when you learned about being happy with what you have (sameach b’chelko)

3. Be a mensch to your friends when you learned about sticking by your friends (dibuk chaverim) and judging others favorably.

#7 Respond and React
Now that you have learned so much about being a mensch, we have one question for you:

What can you do to start a mensch chain reaction so that others, when they see what you can do, will want to pay it forward?

Please reflect on this question and discuss it with a teacher or parent and write about it in your Tamid workbook.

Thank you for being a mensch!

Need some help?

We’re here for you. At any time, if you have any questions, please contact one of our teachers so we can help you.

Also, at the end of the session, remember to review your responses in your Tamid Workbook so you can get credit for this lesson. Behatzlacha (Hebrew for good luck)!

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