Volunteer Roll

Entry on Nov 19, 2012

Feed Sandy needs Volunteers from 8am- 4pm on Thanksgiving Day to serve 4000 meals. Show up at the Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew at 520 Clinton: No sign up necessary–Just show up!

Operation Surfinbird: Thanksgiving Volunteers needed in the Rockaways Thursday. Also, email our friend Ashley at sit2012@gmail.com if you want to serve lunch on Staten Island. Very cool grassroots efforts!



Entry on Nov 17, 2012

We’ll be serving meals and collecting food for Thanksgiving. We’re finalizing details and willp publish late on Tuesday afternoon and will post to FB and an email blast. Thank you!


Entry on Nov 12, 2012
Tamid and Kutsher’s Tribeca are sponsoring a Benefit Concert and Dinner on Sunday night, Nov 18th, at 6 PM. Please join us – More information here on our home page


Entry on Nov 10, 2012
Today is Veteran’s Day and lots of folks are heading out to the Rockaways. Email Jamie Propp if you want to join: jamiepropp@gmail.com


Entry on Nov 8, 2012
Please bring candles, warm clothing, batteries, flashlights, basic medical supplies to Shabbat services on Friday evening, Nov 9th, 6 PM and we will distribute them on Saturday morning in Brooklyn. See our facebook page for volunteer work this weekend.

Entry on Nov 6, 2012
Join Rabbi Levine this week for dinner or breakfast to help spur the local downtown economy at restaurants that always support our community. Wednesday evening at 6:15 at Kutsher’s Tribeca, Thursday evening at 7:00 at City Hall Restaurant and Friday morning at Zucker’s Bagels at 7:30 AM.

Entry on Nov 5, 2012
We spent the weekend serving food, distributing warm clothing, and batteries throughout Lower Manhattan and in Mill Basin. View the pictures at facebook.com/tamidnyc


Entry on Nov 1, 2012
UJA-Federation has opened the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Funds raised will be used to provide aid to agencies working with the community and to meet the needs of individuals who have been impacted by the devastation, including the frail and isolated. One hundred percent of the funds will be used for aid; no administrative costs will be applied.


Letter from Rabbi Levine on October 29, 2012
Dear Members and Friends,

We hope that you and your loved ones are warm and dry as the eye of the storm approaches our beloved city. At this hour, many of us have relocated to higher ground from our homes in Zone A. We’ve checked in with our elderly members and our friends at the Hallmark and all have been relocated safely. Our Torah has been lovingly sealed in plastic and is on the 7th floor of our offices behind closed doors.

We’re mobilizing a volunteer team to work with other agencies to be ready for the clean up effort in Lower Manhattan later this week. If you would like to know how you can be involved, OR, if you personally need support, please respond to this email and we will keep in close touch with you.

For now, we share with you this prayerful word:

“Eternal One of heaven and earth,
 Source of All, as Hurricane Sandy approaches,
 a tribute to the force of Your creation,
 Your power and Your might, we wonder silently what chaos will blow with the wind?
 What destruction will strike?
 Who will suffer? Who will be secure? And we pray for peace.

El Na, of mystery and awe,
 grant our friends, neighbors, and loved ones safety as this tempest engulfs us.
 Protect us, shield us, guard us. Grant peace of mind to those in fear; food, clothing, warmth and shelter to those in need.
 Bless our leaders and rescue workers with the tools, wisdom, and skills they need to protect us.

God of awe and wonder,
 our Rock and our Refuge, gather us under the shelter of Your peace and watch us through the night, for comfort, for security and for well being so that we may serve You in love. Amen”

My prayers are with you and your families,