#157 Social Media and Teens

#157 Social Media and Teens

In this lesson, we will explore how Jewish texts and values can help us understand what to post on social media. Students will understand the risks associated with using social media and they will study texts related to privacy and the power of speech. First, watch this video:

  • Leading Questions 
    The leading questions are:
    How do you decide what information and images to post online?
    Have you or someone you know ever posted something you regret?
    What information and images are not okay to post?
    How can things you post online affect your future?

Watch this video about Instagram and Snapchat

Watch this video from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)



Text study and discussion

Now that you have engaged in the topic, lets turn to some Jewish texts for consideration and discussion.

“A base person gives away secrets, but a trustworthy soul keeps a confidence” – Proverbs 11:13

“Blessing is only found in that which is hidden from the eye” – Talmud Ta’anit 8b

“Why is the tongue compared to an arrow? An arrow, once it is shot, continues on it’s course: even if someone begs it to return, it cannot” – Midrash Psalms 10:24

“Balaam saw that the openings of the tents did not face one another, so that the residents could not peer into each other’s tents. – Rashi on Numbers