RH ChapelWe welcome you to join us for all our gatherings. At Tamid, we approach prayer as a way to create space in our lives. Space for reflection, expansion, and personal/communal growth – in whatever forms these take. We pray in large sacred spaces, in our neighbors homes, at Hebrew School, and in the quiet of our own apartments. It happens on Shabbat, Holidays, and “on our way, when we lie down and when we rise up.”

Enjoy some pictures from Shabbat!

Abraham Heschel on prayer:
“The true motivation for prayer is not, as it has been said, the sense of being at home in the universe, but rather the sense of not being at home in the universe. Is there a sensitive heart that could stand indifferent and feel at home in the sight of so much evil and suffering, in the face of countless failures to live up to the will of God? On the contrary, the experience of not being at home in the world is a motivation for prayer.”