Live Stream

Welcome! We’re glad that you are joining us live for Worship!  When we worship on the High Holidays and Shabbat, you’ll see us live from St. Paul’s 9/11 Chapel in New York City. Send an email to connect@) with your feedback and prayer requests and tell a friend. If you would like to make a tzedaka contribution (donation) to support our ability to provide steaming services for people like you, please click here.

Join us here on LIVE at the following times (EST)
7:45 PM, Sept 4, Erev Rosh Hashanah
10:00 AM, Sept 5, Rosh Hashanah
7:45 PM, Sept 13, Kol Nidre
10:00 AM, Sept 14, Yom Kippur

If the image below is not clear in your browser, STREAM the TAMID page directly.

Live streaming by Ustream