Tamid Babysitting Co-op

Welcome to the Tamid Babysitting Co-op! 

Our sitters are trained in how to engage children positively in your home, take responsibility, have fun, A.R.C. CPR certified, and they are young people that  from within our Tamid family – teens you can trust.

This service is for Tamid members and their friends. If you are a Tamid member, you’re in! If you are a friend of a Tamid member, we need the Tamid member to approve you by sending an email to our office at connect@tamidnyc.org. And then, you’re in too!

Three levels of Sitters!

  • Senior Sitters: Ages 16-18 who can oversee your children and travel around the city with them ($20 per hour)*
  • Junior Sitters: Ages 13-15 who can oversee your children at home ($15 per hour)*
  • S.I.T’s (Sitters In Training) ages 10-12 who can come to your home for supervised play-dates with your children when an adult is present ($15 for a 2-hour session with one child)

*Up to two children at a time, each additional child is $5 per hour*

Hire a Sitter!

Step 1: Complete this liability wavier below
Step 2: Tamid will send you a list of available sitters
Step 3: Contact the sitter directly and make your arrangements
*this process can take a few days so please plan ahead. Thank you!

Meet Our Sitters!

**Senior Sitters (ages 16-18)**

Isabel Baum, Age 16 – Berkeley Carroll School
I have several years of babysitting experience. I enjoy taking kids around the city for activities, picking them up from school and playing different sports with them. I have experience with bedtime routines and making dinner for those children I babysit. Helping with homework, playing sports, doing arts and crafts projects, and reading are some of the skills I bring to the children I work with. I have experience swimming with children, can ice skate, play volleyball and dance.

Jade Colby, Age 17 – Baruch College Campus High School
I have several years of experience babysitting children around Tribeca and some children in the Tamid community. I am able to take children to play dates, pick up from school and have experience with dinner and bedtime routines. I love babysitting because I love playing with children and getting to meet new people. I can help with homework, do dance and art, and reading. I enjoy swimming, dance, photography, play basketball and soccer. Please note I am allergic to cats.

Jasper Stoch, Age 17 – JA Maker Academy
I have babysitting experience. From feeding the kids dinner, putting them to bed, walking home from school and taking them to afterschool classes. I am available Monday-Friday from 4-anytime. I love the responsibility of babysitting and I enjoy playing with kids. I am especially good at helping with homework, playing with pets, sports, cooking and other fun activities.


Aidan Riedman, Age 16 – Brooklyn Technical High School
I have experience looking after younger family members and neighborhood kids. I enjoy taking them to the park,  help them with dinner and bedtime routines, and spend time playing with them and making sure they have a fun time while their parents are away. I love to babysit because I like to help younger children grow and develop as people. I can help kids with any homework, math, reading, play sports with them especially baseball and basketball.

Chet Weissberg, Age 16 – High School of American Studies
My name is Chet and I am in the 11th grade. I have babysitting experience in both taking kids to playdates, watching them at home and putting them to sleep at night. I am available Monday-Thursday as late as needed and Sundays (some Saturdays as well). I love babysitting because kids are so fun and great to play with. I can help with homework, play sports, frisbee, soccer, basketball and other fun games.

**Junior Sitters (ages 13-15)**

Sophie Bohrer, Age 13 –




Dale Dolan-Zalaznick, Age 15 – Dalton
I have babysat for kids as young as age 4 as well as tutored and taught classes at my school. My schedule is a little flexible and I can stay as late as needed. Sundays I am available all day. I love babysitting because it allows me to care for others and give back to the community. I can help with homework, sports, reading, playing piano, art and other fun games.

Leila Kaufman, Age 13 – IS 276
I am a Red-Cross certified babysitter with CPR training. I have experience babysitting children ranging in age from 1-9 years old. I absolutely love working with children of all ages and am great helping with homework, reading, math, do art projects, etc. I play soccer, dance, swim, ice skate and enjoy acting in theatre productions. I love all animals and will gladly play with your pets too! I enjoy cooking and am prepared to do dinner time and bedtime routines for the families I work with.

Isabel Kurzweil, Age 13 – IS276




Erica Liberman, Age 13 – United Nations International School
I have had experience babysitting neighbors’ children ages 3-7. I love working with children and having the responsibility of taking care of others. The best feeling is knowing that I helped a child I was babysitting to have fun and laugh. Skills I have that I would like to be able to share with those families I work with are: playing the saxophone, math homework help, sabre fencing, basketball, soccer, volleyball, reading help. I also enjoy doing craft projects and cooking.

Alexandra Liberman, Age 13 – United Nations International School
I have had experience babysitting neighbors’ children ages 3-7. I love working with children and having the responsibility of taking care of others. The best feeling is knowing that I helped a child I was babysitting to have fun and laugh. Skills I have that I would like to be able to share with those families I work with are: Saxophone, math homework help, building with Legos, sabre fencing, arts and crafts projects, board games, and cooking.

Ava Rose Mendelson, Age 13 – Calhoun
My name is Ava Rose Mendelson and I have in 7th grade. I have babysat for my 9 year old little sister and other family friends. I love spending time with younger children and figuring out what they like to do and make it fun for them. Reading, writing, drawing, playing the drums, dancing, martial arts for self defense, photography and shooting videos are things that I enjoy doing and would like to share with the children I babysit. I am an honor-roll student and have experience working with special needs children.

Chana Mitty, Age 13 – Hunter College High School
I have had had babysitting experience with my little brother in and out of the house, and partook in a Red Cross class at Stuyvesant. I am available Fridays 3:30-9:00, Saturdays anytime, and Sunday anytime. I love spending time with kids and helping them with homework, playing games and taking the load off parents. I can help the kids with homework, playing piano, reading and other fun things.


Julian Riedman, Age 14 – Brooklyn Technical High School
I enjoy watching kids and playing games with them while their parents get a chance to go out and relax for a while. I am happy to help with homework, reading, piano practice. Sadly I am allergic to cats and dogs.


Estee Seidler, Age 14 – Brooklyn Tech HS
I have babysat for my 9 year old brother, family friends and cousins. I have taken care of them while the parents were out and brought them to friends houses or to the park. I am available to work after school from 3 or 4 pm- 8pm and flexible on the weekends. I love hanging out with kids and getting to meet new people. I can engage the kids and help them with homework, cooking, sports, reading, art, guitar and trumpet.

Stella Tretter, Age 13 – Leman Manhattan Prep
I have babysit for my younger siblings and for kids of friends. I love to play and hangout and meet new people. I can help with reading, singing, piano, arts and sports. I can travel by myself to babysit.



Bix Weissberg, Age 13 – MS104
I am in 7th grade and I love babysitting because I enjoy talking to other kids and having fun. I am available for 4 hours at a time after school hours during the week, though weekends work best for me. I can help with Homework, sports, art, reading, trombone, and other fun activities.

**S.I.T.s (ages 10-12)**

Anna Eisenberg, Age 12 – Leman Manhattan School
My name is Anna and I am in the 7th grade. I enjoy spending time with young children and have experience babysitting my neighbor’s children. I love to hang out with little kids playing games, reading, doing homework and doing arts and crafts projects.


Isabel Marks, Age 11 – The Chapin School
When I was in second grade I babysat for a toddler who lived across the street while a parent was in the house. I have varied availability. During the week I can work until about 6:30 pm. I enjoy babysitting because I love helping people and playing with little kids. I can help with homework, art, reading, writing, piano and other fun activities.

Have any questions?

This process is designed to be very user friendly but at anytime, if you have questions, please contact our office and give us 24 hours to reply. connect@tamidnyc.org. Thank you!